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Sea shipment

морские перевозки грузов

Shipping by sea is the most cost-effective way of transporting cargoes over long distances. It considerably reduces transportation costs thus adding to the cargo’s competitiveness.

Cost-efficiency, possibility to transport any type of goods (differing in size, volume, weight as well as in type – liquid, break-bulk, flammable) – it is a long way off the full list of advantages of the cargoes sea shipping. It should be noticed that the delivery of the cargo by sea can be the only possible variant in international shipment, when there is no inland connection between the point of departure and point of destination.

Sea shipping of the cargo in containers has numerous advantages, the main of which is safety, for the goods are not transferred from one transport means to another being inside the bolted and stamped container throughout the whole period of transportation. Besides, the development of the modern shipping industry minimizes the probability of an accident or wreckage during the sea transportation of containers and provides the safety of the shipping.

Nowadays international container shipping is one of the most dynamically developing types of sea transportation.

перевозки от Кредо Транс

Credo Trans” Company has exclusive agreements with the agents of the shipping companies and leading shipping brokers in St. Petersburg. It allows us to use maritime transport in the most effective way.

We render services in transporting cargoes to and from all the significant ports all over the world including the most popular routes in/from the ports of China, Japan and other countries in the Asian South-East, ports of the USA, Canada, South America and, of course, European countries.

On our clients’ demand we can arrange their containerized cargoes delivered to the port of Kotka, Finland, with a further transportation to Moscow and other cities of Russia by trucks.

The specialists of our Company carry out monthly monitoring of freight rates changes depending on the situation on the international sea shipping market. We provide reliable information about the cargo at any moment of its shipment. This all contributes to the successful shipping logistics of our Clients.

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