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Road haulage - Europe

Trucking goods from Europe is an international transportation and is regulated by international treaties. The cargo is transported across at least two countries; the delivery route often lies in transit through several countries.

International road haulage treaty is a special type of foreign trade agreements. The transportation process includes customs clearance at crossing countries’ borders. There is a system of international treaties and agreements regulating trucking over Europe; Russia takes part in most of them.

Truck is a popular means of transportation in Europe. Well-developed roads and ferries networks make it as attractive for customers as for trucking companies. The main motor vehicle used in international trucking is a road-train consisting of a road tractor and a semi-trailer. There are various types of semi-trailers (tarpaulin, container, reefer, etc.); the choice is defined by the characteristics of the cargo being transported.

"Credo Trans" provides all the types of trucking services to/from Europe using the most modern vehicles.


To order road haulage you only need to contact us either online, by e-mail or on the phone - whichever you find most convenient.

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