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Road haulage - Russia


Trucking in Russia (inland transportation) is one of the most popular of our services.

There are two main advantages of transporting goods by trucks:

  • door to door delivery;
  • promptness.

Extensive road network allows to deliver cargo almost everywhere. There are roads even in places with no railways or ports.

Provided the road is good the truck conducted by two drivers can cover up to 1500 km a day. Most of the trucks are equipped with GPS and mobile telecommunication that allow to minimize delays in transportation by monitoring and if necessary correcting the route.

There are three stages of transportation: loading, haulage and unloading. All of them should be perfectly performed. Providing the truck’s availability for loading in time, taking cargo to the point of destination without delays, tracing and tracking in transit, and prompt unloading are the aspects to be paid careful attention to in order to have the cargo delivered on time and free of damage.

Goods are normally transported by heavy-duty tow cars with tarpaulin semi-trailers. Such road trains also known as eighteen-wheelers or euro-wagons can transport 20-30 tonnes of cargo at a time. The standard volume of an eighteen-wheeler is 82 m3, there are also 120 m3 higher capacity trucks.

Containers road hulage is also very popular in Russia. Net volume of a container – 67 m3 for a standard 40ft one - is a bit lower than that of a tarpaulin trailer, however this mode of transportation has some undeniable advantages with containers being the central unit in multimodal shipments.

When goods are transported in the same loading unit – in a container - using different modes of transport, the handling of the freight itself is not necessary when changing modes. This considerably reduces handling damage and saves time eliminating loading and unloading procedures. A stuffed container is loaded onto a motor vehicle and transported directly to the place of discharge.


Being well aware of all the aspects related to transporting goods by trucks, we will render you qualified assistance in working out the best route, coordinating cargo handling and arranging your freight’s delivery to its final destination free of either damage or delays. Write. Call!!!

Have a nice transportation!

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