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Survey services

Survey is a special goods quality control carried out by independent experts by request of an interested party.

сюрвейерский осмотр

Initially it was an inspection of insured cargoes and vessels initiated by insurance companies. Nowadays there is a much wider range of survey services which can be ordered by any participant of the transportation process.

Survey services include:

  • inspection and assessment of the damage to the cargo, containers and other haulage units;

  • loading-unloading and handling surveys;

  • sampling;

  • pre-despatch, marking and packaging checks;

  • storing and warehousing control;

  • tally;

  • tare examinations;

  • equipment transportation suitability assessment;

  • consulting services in settling disputed and claims;

  • sealing\unsealing of wagons, trucks, containers, ship holds;

  • investigating and gathering information on insured events

Surveyor can also consult freighter and cargo owners, attend customs and veterinary inspections, collect data about accidents to find out their causes, check requested certificates and other cargo documents. 

Having all the necessary procedures completed, surveyors draw out an official report valid in settling disputes. The most important point about survey services is impartiality; it is what any company rendering services of the kind should strive for.

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