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Container owners

Large sea carriers have their own container parks which they lease to cargo owners for delivering their goods to the point of destination. There are also special container lease operators who lease containers to cargo owners and to freight companies.

 Each container owner has a unique BIC-code (also called prefix) marked on all his containers. These codes are assigned by the international containers and intermodal transportation agency (BIC) and noted down into the international registry of container owners.

Table of BIC-codes and owners



Full name of the owner

ACLU ACL Atlantic Container Line
ACXU Atlantic Cargo Atlantic Cargo
AKLU K Line Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.
ALLU   Allied Container Network
ALMU   Almar Container Group
ALNU   ECB Group
ALRU   Almar Container Group
AMCU CMA CGM Compagnie Maritime d Affretement Compagnie Generale Maritime
AMFU   Textainer
AMZU   Textainer
ANNU ANL Australia National Line
ANYU   One Way Lease
APHU APL American President Lines
APIU APL American President Lines
APLS APL American President Lines
APLU APL American President Lines
APMU Maersk Line Maersk Line
APRU APL American President Lines
APZU APL American President Lines
ARDU   Caru
ARHU   Caru
ARKU Arkas Arkas Container Transport S.A.
ARMU   Adeptainer
ARTU   Caru
ATBU   A-Tainer & Service
ATIU   Eurotainer SA
AWSU Swire Swire Shipping
AXIU   Textainer
AZLU Hapag Hapag Lloyd Container Line
BAFU   Bulkhaul Ltd.
BBXU   BestBox-Containerhandel e.K.
BCHU   Braun Container Handels GmbH
BGFU BG Freight BG Freight Line
BHCU   Bridgehead Container Services Ltd
BLJU Balaji Balaji Shipping Lines
BLKU   Bulkhaul Ltd.
BMLU Bernuth Bernuth Lines
BMOU   Beacon Intermodal
BMSU BMC Line BMC Line Shipping LLC
BNSU   BNS Container AS
BORU Borchard Borchard Lines Ltd
BOXU   Bulkhaul Ltd.
BSIU   Blue Sky Intermodal (UK) Ltd
BUTU BT Brointermed Lines Limited
BVIU   Stolt Tank Containers
BXCU   BoxCon
CACU Hapag Hapag Lloyd Container Line
CADU Hamburg SUD Hamburg Sudamerikanische Dampfschifffahrts Gesellschaft
CAIU CAI Container Applications International
CAPU   Capital UK Ltd
CARU   Caru
CASU Hapag Hapag Lloyd Container Line
CATU   Caru
CAXU CAI Container Applications International
CBHU COSCON COSCO Container Lines Co., Ltd.
CCGU   CATU Containers
WHLU WHL Wan Hai Lines
WLNU WWL Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics
WWLU WWL Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics
WWWU   Wind Container Leasing
XINU   Xines
YMLU YML Yang Ming Line
YOIU   Triton Container International Limited
ZCSU ZIM ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd
ZIMU ZIM ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd


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