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Cargoes port forwarding

Forwarding is a special type of logistics services which can be loosely divided into the below categories:
- handling Clients' (or consignee’s) documents;
- cooperation with shipping agents (or carriers);
- dealing with with governmental controlling authorities;
- work with sea port terminals.

Container forwarding begins with preparing all the documents on the cargo needed for prompt customs clearance. Besides, it is greatly important to receive and ensure the accuracy of the documents accompanying the cargo (Invoice, Packing List, Bill of Lading) well in advance before the vessel’s arrival. All of them should meet certain requirements and contain all the relevant information about the cargo and its consignee. Errors or omissions in these documents can cause considerable delays in cargo’s port customs clearance and consequently increase its total delivery costs. 

Upon the containers’ arrival at the port the forwarding company for and on behalf of the consignee enters into commitment with the line agent to deliver the container to the point of destination and subsequently return the empty tare back at the port. The forwarding company also pays the agent all the fees and expenses occurred at the port of discharge.

Apart from that, the forwarding company interacts with governmental controlling authorities - customs, quarantine service, sanitary and epidemiological service, etc., - representing the consignee and carrying out cargo inspections, sampling etc.

Cargo forwarding may seem an easy task but only at first sight. Depending on the cargo’s specific characteristics and mode of transportation there are a lot of peculiarities which cannot all be touched upon in a short article. For instance, when transporting hazardous cargo it is obligatory to coordinate its import with authorities and the port terminal before the actual arrival. All these aspects are well familiar only to professionals closely dealing with cargoes on the constant basis. Qualified forwarding noticeably decreases transportation and storage costs.

 Forwarding of any type of cargo at the port of St.-Petersburg is one of our primary services. Should the Client wish, we can also arrange forwarding at Ust-Luga or Kotka ports with further road haulage to any Russian city. Contact us for help!

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