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“Trans Russia Cup 2013” tournament

19 September 2013

Long-awaited “Trans Russia Cup 2013” tournament marking the Russian Railroad Day was held in Saint-Petersburg on August 4th. Twenty-four teams from top Saint-Petersburg transport and logistics companies, as well as participants from Moscow met at the pitch to hold a series of exciting matches on a beautiful sunny day.

All the participants were divided into groups by the toss, with our company Credo-Trans fighting in E group together with City Express and Ahlers teams.

Moscow team City Express took leadership from the very beginning having scored four goals and being the group winner. Ahlers team is also worth mentioning for its dedication and team spirit which brought it 7 points and the second place in the group. As for Credo-Trans team, our performance was quite spectacular and professional, and we managed to approach the silver cup of the tournament.

The third game in ¼ final was derby in fact, as there met two representatives of the transport sphere – Credo-Trans and TransBusiness. Having scored a goal, our team got through to a semifinal.

In the first semifinal the competitors were nearly equal, taking turns in leading the game, but in the end GK Evrosib beat TNT Express 2-0. The second semifinal and its result surprised the spectators and participants a lot, confirming once again that semifinals often tend to be unpredictable. Delicatnyi Pereezd, which had lost all the games at the group stage with no goals scored, gained in strength during play-off and defeated its rival.

Bronze-medal game turned out to be one-goal, as Credo-Trans lost to NTN Express 3-0.

In the end, our team did not manage to take a place among eight top players, but was awarded “The Breakthrough Team” title.

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19 September

“Trans Russia Cup 2013” tournament

19 September

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